22 SOME NEMATODES FROM AUSTRALIAN LIZARDS By T t Harvey Joiintsto.v and Patricia M. Mawsox, Department of Zoology, University of. Adelaide [Read 10 October 1946] Most of the material dealt with in this paper has hcen collected over a period of very many years by the senior author in New South Wales, Victoria, soulh- eastern Queensland, Central Australia and South Australia. We are indebted to Professor j. B. CI eland for some of the specimens from New South Wales, and to the late Dr. T. L. Bancroft for those from Eidsvold, Burnett River, Queens- land, Acknowledgment is made of assistance from the Commonwealth Research Grant to the University of Adelaide. Type* of the new species will be deposited in the South Australian Museum, HOST-PARASITE LlST Varan OS vakius Shaw. Physafoptcra anlarctica Linst. (Burnett R., Queens- land). Fhysoloptera confusa J. and M. (S.E. Queensland). Qphidascaris vaytini n. sp, uS.E. Queensland). Varan us belu Dum, and Bibr. (Probably only a northern variety of V. varitts). Physdloptera confnsa J. and M. (Burnett Rj- Varanus GGtxm fjrav. PhysalopU'ra antardka Linst. (Burnett R., Oneensland; Victoria). P, confnsa J. and M. (S.E. Queensland; Victoria:. Varanus oh.iaxteus Gray. Physaloptaa confnsa J. and M. (Central Australia). Varanus. im:xctatus var. orikntalis Fry (Eidsvold, Burnett R.). Physahp- tcra sp. Timqua scincoides Shaw. Pimtmoncnta tlliquae Johnston (New South Wales). Phvsaloptera aniarcika Linst. (New South Wales; S.E. Queensland). Pharyncjodon anstrafc J. and M. (Burnett R., Queensland j. Pharymjodon tlliquae Baylis (Burnett R.). Til.ioua nigroi.utea Gray, Physaloptera aniarctka Linst. Physaloptera sp,, zrA Pharyngodon attstrak J. and M. (all from Katoomba, New South Wales). Teactiysaurljs ulgosus Cray. Thchmdros iracfiysauri n. sp. (Adelaide, South Australia). Egernja cunntx«:iAmt Gray. Pharyngodon tUiquac Baylis (Bathur-t, New South Wales). Eukhnia STf;jor.-vr-\ Peters. Pharyngodan tlUqitac Bayb's (Sydney and Kendall, New South Wales). Egkrnja whit™ Lacep. Pharrtvjodon tUiquac Baylis (Sydney, New South Wales L Eoerma dahli Boulenger. Flurry ngo'don tiUquve Baylis. AmphibivphUns cgcrnktc n. sp. (Both from Mnsgravc Ranges, Central Australia.) Lycosoma quoth D. and B. Physaloptcra sp. (Lower Plawkesbury River, New South Wales). Oepura kogusta Boulenger. Physaloptcra sp. ; Parathclandros ocdurr^ m sp. (both from West Burleigh, S.E, Queensland), Trans. Roy. Soa S. Aufct., 71 U)» 25 July 194/



Some nematodes from Australian lizards

T H Johnston and P M Mawson
Transactions of The Royal Society of South Australia 71: 22-37 (1947)

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